The Fast and the Furious Have a New Platform.

Speed is no longer something only sought after by Adrenaline Junkies. The business world now craves high speed. Whether its High speed data transfer, Immediate response times, Or something as simple as Microwaving Ravioli instead of cooking on the stove.

C3 Metrics realizes this, So we have the fastest Turn around possible. All data is Real time, with less then a 12 hour turn around. This means you always have up to date data when viewing the C3 Dashboard.

New and Effective Tactics

The best way to utilize this is for immediate information on new tactics. If a new Display Campaign is launched, Within 24 hours the client can see how effective this campaign is. This isn’t relating to if these ads got the user to commit to a sale quickly. Rather then Real-Time Viewability.

Immediate Results

The reason Real Time Viewability is so important is that you have immediate results. You no longer have to rely on Impressions sent/Served. Now you are shown Impressions Viewed. Which from a marketing standpoint is a priceless tool. Being able to have real time information on how well each creative is performing means the possibilities are endless.

How to effectively use this information?

Well that’s up to you and your team. And we will be here to help for the whole journey.