Is Your Funnel Tight Enough?

The funnel is not the perfect solid, plastic tube that you would use to pour water into a bottle or oil into your engine. Think of it as a wire mesh – the tighter it is, the better your marketing. If it isn’t tight enough, a lot of your marketing dollars are simply going to slip through and won’t be accounted for.

As an advertiser, you want to be able to produce the best marketing strategy to better monitor how your advertisements will succeed, but if you’re using a mesh funnel, you aren’t really using a funnel at all. You’re mainly using a strainer and what good is that?

Sure, you’ll get the ramen noodles when you’re done, but the other half of enjoying the meal is the soup. You want a nice meal that consists of noodles, vegetables, pork and whatever else you throw in. If you don’t have those ingredients, well then you’re just making salty pasta. Nobody thinks that’s delicious.

Having a tight mesh is the equivilant of having a tight marketing campaign. The more cohesive and established your campaign, the more information you’ll retain to better assess future endeavors.

Attribution Scorecard

The 2018 Attribution Vendor Scorecard compares 15 attribution vendors across 15 customizable criteria.

Criteria include:  fraud removal, user-level data, viewability, TV, and cost.