How Does Gary Johnson Hold Up In Digital Search?

As we have written before, social media has become one of the leading factors in spreading information on political candidates. In 2008 it helped Obama reach the white house, and since then, everyone politician from town to national have created one.

Susane DeLemus: Representing NH citizens with grace and intelligence.

Susan DeLemus: Representing NH citizens with grace and intelligence.

That being said, with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders, many have made the switch. Not to Trump, however, but to third party candidates.

Gary Johnson has quickly become the candidate taking up space on social media. The Libertarian boasts a balanced line of fiscally conservative but morally liberal rhetoric. With both republicans and democrats not feeling either of the candidates, the idea of a third party has sparked some to hold out on the red or blue parties for maybe a green party or whatever color the libertarians are (if they even want to identify with a color).

Now, Gary Johnson isn’t new to the scene. He has run in many elections and always shows up at the end to give people a third option. For Johnson, this year has been especially successful in terms of reach for the libertarian out of New Mexico.

Google Trends

Google Trends

He’s peaked pretty hard the past couple weeks. Let’s take a look at how he holds up to the other candidates:

Jill Stein

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

It looks like Johnson has a long way to go before competing with the big hitters in this election. The only one he really overshadows is Jill Stein (G). Every other candidate completely engulfs him in terms of search results.

It looks like maybe Gary Johnson needs to run some successful digital campaigns to even think about making an impact during this election. Integrity is what is missing in the election, but as we have seen during the 2016 presidential race, integrity can get you only so far. An actual digital campaign would be effective if the support were behind it.