GoPro + Redbull = Merging

I remember when I first heard about GoPro – a tiny camera that you can take anywhere. It was indestructible, waterproof and fit for anyone who liked to jump off cliffs, skateboard, or any other extreme sport.

Being a semi-professional longboarder, the thought of having a camera that wouldn’t get in the way of your performance was crucial. By the end of 2010, I knew at least 20 people within my social circle who had one.

The idea that anyone could now take an indestructible camera anywhere with them gave them the ability to record videos of themselves with friends at the beach, going to the club, or any other sort of lifestyle that you could imagine. Everyone had a reason to buy one.

With the partnering of Redbull, GoPro had an unlimited amount of content at their disposal. Videos popping up everywhere on social media about professional surfers, snowboarders, and rock climbers dominated my Facebook feed that summer. I would see posts from friends talking about their life-goals of trying out skydiving.

Now, the two extreme sports giants have announced a total marriage in content. GoPro will be the exclusive camera for 1,800 future Redbull events. During which the content will be used for promotional material for the energy drink company.

“As partners, RedBull and GoPro will amplify our collective international reach, the power of our content and ability to fascinate.” – CEO of Redbull, Dietrich Mateschitz

Throughout the course of GoPro’s time as a company, they have given people a different perspective of extreme sports. The footage that GoPro has and will provide to Redbull is crucial marketing material for the next generation of thrill-seekers looking to improve and innovate their areas of expertise.

One sport in which GoPro helped come into the scene was the infamous Wingsuits. This enabled viewers to have a…”birds-eye-view” from the person flying down a cliff face using a specially designed suit to which gave them the closest thing to flying outside of an airplane.

From there, videos exploded onto the scene of daredevils jumping off sheer cliff faces and arguably grazing the edges of the walls.

The nail-biting footage of GoPro and the merging with Redbull has ushered in a new age of how viewers will see and experience incredible lives around the world.