The Millennial Workforce = $uccess

One of the first real full time jobs I had was a customer service representative for an automated dialing service. Due to signing a non-disclosure, I am not allowed to say the name of the company, but I would not in the least talk poorly of them. They were great! That being said, at 24-25, I was the youngest member of the entire company. The next youngest was this awesome woman that I worked with who was in her early 30’s and just returned from maternity leave. We were a small team of 3 people including my boss who recognized my proficiency in understanding technology.  Having a younger mind meant that I had newer and fresh understanding of the technology in front of me. My second week, he took off due to illness, and within that time, I took to studying and learning everything that I could embed in my brain.

By the time he came back, I had the core concept of what the company did and was looking for. None of this is out of the ordinary for any employee. This is what you’re expected to do, but seeing as we were small and the only other person was on every call meant there wasn’t too much instruction. They took a chance on hiring someone young and gave me a 5 month contract to help establish myself and give me credit in a career that was booming. To them I say: Thank you.

Now moving on. C3 Metrics utilizes a younger workforce. Where I was the youngest at my old company at 25, I am now one of the older (not by much) at 26. C3 recognizes the technical understandings of the Millennial Generation and focuses to establish and train us in an atmosphere that is not only comfortable and fun, but progressive and successful.

Our Network “Jedi” are in the early 20’s and for some, this is their established foot in the door. Don’t let that fool you or make you uncomfortable, we are all professionals and we handle everything as concise and respectively as someone who has been in the industry for years. I spoke with Jeff Greenfield (COO of C3 Metrics) and dug a little further into what makes a “young” company like ours so successful.

"Millennials Grew up Multitasking"

“Millennials Grew up Multitasking”- COO Jeff Greenfield

“I focused on hiring primarily Millennials and younger people because of the energy they bring. Since this is a software company that deals with numbers and a lot of different things moving all at once, I needed a team that could handle multitasking on a regular basis. Now we know that multitasking is not the most efficient way to operate, but the Millennial generation has been brought up multitasking. They’re digital natives, they’ve been brought up with digital their entire lives. They’re very comfortable in front of a laptop or computer or phone so they’re able to go back and forth between these mediums very easily.”

Having a Millennial workforce in a software company is crucial due the understanding of technology for us, whereas the previous generation was not brought up with such developed technology around them. This isn’t to diminish, say, Generation X,without them, we would never have had the internet or the technology that this generation has been blessed with. Gen Y (Millennials) simply took the technology that was in front of us and carried the torch into the next wave. Don’t worry, Gen X, Generation Z is going to come onto the scene with a larger understanding than us. We’ll be meeting up shortly.

One of the issues that have come up from other companies and previous generations are our lifestyle choices. We like flexible schedules and with Companies like C3 metrics, we have them. Even my job, right here blogging, is usually scuffed off as unnessecary, but here I am, convincing you, the reader why my generation should be hired. I’m taking a lot of liberties talking on behalf of a generation, but I think I’m doing alright.

“The biggest problem that many companies have with Millennials is that they tend to get bored really easily. So, as a result Millennials will go from one job to another, because not only do they get bored, they feel that they have learned all that they can. So the advantage that we have as a very fast growing software company is that everyday is something different! That even though we have a product that is utilized by hundreds of different companies, each one of them utilizes it just a little bit differently. So every client that we deal with has different needs and different wants. There are levels of customization that not only has to be done with the product itself, but with the team and the approach and how we help answer their questions. Things are always changing and thats the type of environment that is fun to be around. Im a firm believer that this generation is the smartest generation out there.”