History of Programmatic + Gartner Interview

Our very own CEO, Mark Hughes was featured in an interview with Gartner.com. In it, he discusses the history of attribution, programmatic, and the advent of C3 Metrics.

The ability to monitor the effectiveness of advertising is the reason that, as of 2016, digital has overtaken television in ad spend. Now, television has the ability to bounce back if can adopt the abilities that digital advertising has created. Monitorization is key when discussing the future of effective advertisements.

The early days of attribution (“online” at the time) were different from how they are today. A lot of credit was only going to the last clicked advertisement. It worked for the time, but like all technology, it was quickly outpaced by more effective and easier methods to optimize digital ad spend.

From the article:

What kind of attribution were people doing in 2008?

Back then “attribution” was a Belgian word. It was very foreign. Remember that the Dow was down 40% that year. In digital advertising, there was a lot of looking at view-through credit [note: “view-through” refers to a non-clicked impression that is part of a path in a visit or sale]. But that’s not necessarily a view, just a cookie drop. There was tons of fraud in display for years also.
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What did you say to the client?

We went back to them and said, “There’s a problem with last-click.” They were nice people but they started taking spend away from us until we solved measurement. So we looked around. We thought, “Surely someone must be fixing this already.” We looked at Google, but they didn’t have a product. [Note: this was before the launch of Google’s attribution product and its acquisition of Adometry.] The data from ad servers in those days was limited to 30 days and went back 10 touches. They couldn’t really handle affiliates, social, content marketing, new vs. returning customers. There were a lot of limitations.
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The article goes on to discuss the methods used and created by Mark and our COO, Jeff Greenfield. The opportunities for digital advertising have reached a new epoch in terms of how we can more effectively monitor ad spend.