The “Holidaze” = 4/20 Marketing

4/20 remains the peak day for cannabis sales and advertising.

We have reached that time of year again. The holiday that reaches out to everyone who enjoys ingesting cannabis — 4/20.

Depending on the state that you live in, cannabis can mean different things. For those in states that haven’t legalized, the holiday is a day for movement and action. For the states that have legalized, it’s a day for profit…and advertising.

On 4/20, Facebook turns into a massive bowl of cannabis related articles, photos, videos and call to actions.  If you’re a shop owner in Colorado, for instance, then the focus of today is to advertise. Like Black Friday, cannabis business owners are hosting sales to get people in the door and to make money.

Though cannabis has been legalized in a few states, that doesn’t mean there aren’t hurdles. Cannabis cannot be advertised via television, radio, and is limited to a few niche magazines. The primary focus is on digital and even then, it has its challenges.

Cannabis still remains a schedule 1 narcotic on the federal level, so trying to rank in Google for your shop requires time, effort, and in most cases, money. Fortunately, on 4/20, the flow of cannabis traffic is high.

Facebook regulations state that cannabis cannot be advertised to purchase from your page. You cannot advertise cannabis sales, but you can create amazing cannabis content. Promotional events, photos, and blogs can be posted in order to gather a larger following to your brand. Facebook is a great outlet for that. People tag, share and react to different posts.

With digital advertising becoming the focal point for cannabis, many are flocking to advertisers who specifically target the cannabis industry.

The tide is still low for business owners to put forth major marketing efforts, but it’s slowly rising. In enough time, the cannabis industry will be able to promote themselves on all platforms.