How Can Attribution Increase My Budget?

How can attribution increase my budget?

Turns out…it’s the combination of ‘Accountable Marketer’ + Proof’.

Accountable Marketer
If you’re doing 1000 conversions across 12 different vendors, when you add up all the reports … it will show you did 12,000.

This classic over counting leads most marketers to guess in their reporting so they don’t look foolish!

Living life as an ‘Accountable Marketer’ simply means that your numbers add up and Attribution has that built right in.

Now go & optimize your media to SQUEEZE more ROI out of your current budget!

We’re talking 15 – 44% increase in ROI, just from being Accountable!

(Finally) Having The Proof
Once you’ve demonstrated the ROI increase, you have the ‘Proof’ you need to justify more budget.

Your proof is the 15-44% increase in ROI from being Accountable.

How much more budget should you expect?

===> Year 1: 30% increase
===> Year 2: 39% increase

Are you ready to become an Accountable Marketer in 2019?

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