How Do Companies Succeed With Attribution?

Your success with Attribution will be the result of the 80/20 rule: 20% Technology & 80% People

The 20%:  Technology

You need your Attribution Technology Platform (the ‘20%’) to measure across all media (paid, earned, owned), capture all KPI’s and include brand metrics (awareness, intent, etc.).

Your Attribution technology needs to Holistically have a solution for everything you and your company are doing (and this includes ‘walled gardens’).

And luckily, we’re living in a time where Technology is ready to provide you ‘Holistic Attribution’.

The 80%:  People

The ‘80%’ is a combination of the partnership you form with your Attribution partner and your team on up to the C-Level.

Your 80% has to get your job done (buy, optimize, plan, repeat, etc.) and then translate details into an ‘elevator pitch’ to continuously sell upstairs.

(We’ve found the most success by sharing mini ‘case studies’ internally)

===> If your 80% misses the translation, the C-suite won’t be onboard and your project will stall or potentially go away.

How are you selling your initiatives upstairs in 2019?

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