How Do You Inspire Technology Adoption In Your Org?

How do you inspire people to work with technology?

Far too often, we see technology get in the way (vs. help) — and we see that daily in our business.
You’re working, trying to do your job and all of a sudden, there’s a new ‘tool’ that is “supposed to” help you do your job better.

It may help in the long run…. but there’s a learning curve and it becomes a major hassle as you do your day job plus learn this new tech.

Here are 3 + 1 Tips that we use daily at C3 Metrics to help us transition clients and they may help you:

1. Focus on the Benefits
Help employees see past any short-term pain to get a glimpse of a long-term vision. If technology has not worked out in the past, share lessons learned and what has been implemented since then to build team trust in new technology.

2. Find a Champion
Gather champions of technology to help get them on board first and they can internally promote the technology.

3. Training and Support
Build trust by providing on-going training and support systems for anyone that has questions or is learning the technology at a difference pace.

For Reni Walker, its her job to find the story and figure out the best way to get people to stop and listen.

She leads the development of content strategy for campaigns and content experiences, including the creation of targeted narratives, content journeys, and deliverable plans that bring those narratives to life at TD Bank.

For Reni, technology adoption is all about timing:

Timing of communications is also crucial. A “just in time” strategy works because it provides employees with what they need to know exactly when they need to know. The challenge is resisting pressure (often from senior leadership) to inundate employees too soon before they have a chance to engage with the product.