How to Run a Successful Affiliate Campaign.

A few years ago I decided to take my stab at owning an affiliate site. I wanted to make some extra money while working from home. It started when I was learning how to develop websites. One of the videos that popped on my feed was a user called “The Lazy Ass Stoner”.

This guy

This guy

So I went through all of his videos. I learned how to find a niche market, build a site, then use social media to gain major traffic to the site.

My first goal was to find a market that didn’t have a lot of competitive sites. Something that would be easy to rank in Google. After socializing with a few of my friends who have spent some time following Phish, the idea came to me.

Obscure Instruments.

Instruments like didgeridoos or hang drums. Anything that would have no market but be significantly expensive so that I could make a high ROI. I did my research, found out that hang drums didn’t really have any websites (probably because the people who use them are living in the woods) and that gave me a high chance to rank in Google.

My trust funds helped me buy this.

“My trust funds helped me buy this.” – Every 20-something who attends music festivals.

College students across the country eat up anything “Earthly”.  Just like the dude who brings his acoustic guitar to every college party, college students want that next cool thing to impress the ladies. They want to be individuals and what better way to show your individuality, than using some obscure aboriginal instrument.

So I found my niche, built a site and signed up for an Amazon affiliate program.  The next step was to start gaining traffic to the site. How can you do that with no money to even advertise?

Social Media

With sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, the ability to self promote gives you an infinite amount of free advertising. A lot of other similar niche’s fit into Hang Drums. Basically, you can target a lot of audience members just by finding keywords that also follow a similar trend.

So I created a tumblr for my site, and placed a link at the bottom of each post connecting them to my site. I then “liked” hundreds of other individuals blogs and in tern they like my blog back. That was where I was able to gain views to the site.

From there, I played the “waiting game”. After the first couple months of doing this everyday, I made my first check. It wasn’t significant, but it showed me that my efforts were working.

Overall, creating an Affiliate site is a little bit of a risk, I had to spend money hosting the site, and depending on your niche, it could work. This doesn’t guarantee that it will, though. It takes a lot of work and research before you even get started, but if you do this and do it right, you can profit.