Ikea = Making Your Banner Ads Less Frustrating

60% of all banner ads are clicked by mistake.

At this point, that statistic is known by all digital advertisers.

The frustrations grow for mobile users when scrolling through their newsfeed only to accidentally click on an unwanted link or ad.

We’ve all been there:

Well, Ikea knows this and their plan was to ease the pain (if only slightly).

See, chances are, you didn’t mean to click on the ad. The Swedish furniture store has made it evident in their new mobile ads.

If an ad is clicked, the user is greeted with a message:

It does happen. It happens 60% of the time and it makes us frustrated. Just how frustrated does it make us?

Here are some stats:

According to a survey by retale.com,  68% of mobile users that accidentally click on banner ads feel annoyed, 45% feel frustrated, and 22% feel angry.

Ikea doesn’t want to make you feel that way.

“When your business idea is to make people’s everyday lives a little better, you wouldn’t like to annoy them unknowingly. But mobile banner ads do! With these perceptive banners, Ikea found a way to acknowledge that” says copywriter Mark Ardelius.