Increase Your ROI = Decrease Your Spend

This past week, C3 Metrics saved this company over $1 million dollars.


We did some math.

Let’s take a look at the above information:

Affiliate A was making .94 cents per every dollar they spent in advertising. We then cut the spending for that affiliate by 75%. The company is now spending a total of $2,840 (that’s now 25% that the company is spending for those who are mathematically disadvantaged). They’ve now saved $68,162 in their annual revenue.

Affiliate C was making .11 cents per every dollar they spent to advertise. That’s not that great. Lets cut their spending by 10%. That percentage takes their spending down from $4,159 to $3,743. In total this company is saving $3,326 annually. Overall, the money that you’re saving could go towards paying for C3 Metrics.

Affiliate D made .03 cents per every dollar spent. This doesn’t work for anyone. Now, there could be some issues on the affiliate side. Their tags might not be entered correctly, but you want to figure out whats happening right away. If there is no solution to the problem, drop them like a bad habit. That’s what we did here. By cutting the spend for that specific affiliate, the company saved $80,462 annually.

Affiliate E was generating .84 cents per every dollar with an annual spending of $68,181 a year. We cut that spend by 65% to generate an annual spend of $23,863. That is now $41,318 in annual savings. That’s $2,983 a month as opposed to $8,523.

Affiliate F was making .37 cents per every dollar spent.  We knocked that down 25%. This was their largest spending cost. By kicking their spend down by 25% they’ve saved $219,654. This is where you can see bread and butter start to flow in.

Affiliate G spent $10,801 annually. That comes out to $1,350 in monthly spending.  At .21 cents per every dollar, we were able to cut their spending by 10%. This isn’t much by a long shot, but ten thousand dollars is a significant chunk to save. You could easily find another place to put that money.

Overall, by using our product, we have given you a full and accurate display as to how our company can save you upwards of over a million dollars annually. By using us, you’re leaving Last Click out in the dust and growing your company in more opportunistic ways.