Instagram Ads = Story Driven Content

Instagram, the mobile app that just recently reached the 500 million user mark, has given advertisers a new medium to promote themselves. This provides new methods and restructures the format of traditional advertisements.

With social media becoming increasingly more pivotal for advertising, companies have moved away from advertisement agencies and have made the switch to content creators. With the Millennial generation fully utilizing the potential of social media, digital content has moved away from the traditional sense to creating more story driven displays.

General Electric has been on top the game with utilizing social media. Their reach through Facebook messenger has created a symbiosis between consumers and the company by creating an active bot that will talk to users and interact with scientific questions. Now, they are jumping into the Instagram game by delivering paneled stories. These posts by GE tell a story of their adventures into a volcano to measure its activity.

Other companies have started campaigns. Redbull put out a few simple posts that have a large impact in terms of pairing their brand with “extreme sports”. The ads cater to the user. If you do cool and exciting sports and want to be featured in one of their ads, you can.

By utilizing this new method, users will get a glimpse at the new and unfamiliar ways that advertisements will catch our attention and stop our thumbs.