Interaction = Promoting Festivals On A Budget

Interaction rates are critical when monitoring the success of an event.

Having social media users liking, sharing, and commenting means a greater chance of someone buying a product.

Where reach provides data on how many people saw a specific post, interaction rate assures advertisers that people enjoy their content and want to be included in future promotional material.

One of the most helpful ways to gain a high interaction rate is to take photos. After uploading over 300 photos of fundraising events for the festival, the numbers showed a greater interaction rate than reach.

Overnight, people tagged themselves and their friends. This helped spread promotional material to other people in their network. Underneath each photo was of a short description of the event and a link to purchase tickets. An increase in tickets sales came as a result of knowing what people wanted to interact with.

Interaction photo of band
Advertisers can dig deeper into the data in order to find their core audience based on interactions. The number of followers and subscribers remains important, but they are simply vanity metrics. They can easily be manipulated and throw advertisers in the wrong direction.

By having a smaller and more engaged audience, advertisers won’t need to “spray and pray”, they can focus deeper into what drives their numbers and what type of audience they want to hone in on.