It’s All In How You Phrase It

The majority of modern content sites know several things. One of them being that it is not the content that matters as much as the delivery, but the way you word the content that is just as important then the content itself. Just like in the restaurant business, presentation is everything.


When it comes to online media, a user will commonly read up on a potential product until they feel satisfied and or convinced that this is right for them. This is the hardest part of advertising, especially when it comes to a simple banner ad. The company only has ten words to convince the audience that this is the right product for them.


Choosing how to go about this depends on the product you are offering and the age group/demographic you are targeting. Phrases trend just like fashion and staying up with “the times” can be even more difficult when trying to reach your target audience. Using phrases is one of the key components to reaching out and gaining attention to your targeted demographics.


So how do you know if one phrase is more effective at gaining a new customer then another? That’s simple with a solid Attribution model in place. You can even run two or more ads simultaneously for the same product with different wordings and backgrounds. You are able to view and compare these ads for clicks, Funnel Values, Views, and funnel position all simultaneously in real time. A must have for any marketing team!

Attribution Scorecard

The 2018 Attribution Vendor Scorecard compares 15 attribution vendors across 15 customizable criteria.

Criteria include:  fraud removal, user-level data, viewability, TV, and cost.