Jeb Bush = $35 Million Loser (TV Neophyte)

Jeb Bush has spent a lot of money on television advertisement campaigns. $35 million dollars, to be exact. He is the largest spender of TV campaigning, spending more than the rest of the GOP combined. You would think that, with the amount of money his campaign has thrown towards television, he would be growing in the polls, but here’s the reality:

He’s failing.

The most recent poll shows Bush at just 3%. Jeb Bush’s ad campaign is sinking at a titanic rate. None of his ads are affective. On top of that, the GOP front runner, Donald Trump, has spent just over $2 million dollars (which is a relatively easy feat when the news covers you every single day), but with the amount of money Jeb has put in, one question arose:

Does Jeb Bush have ANYONE who knows/cares about ROI on his TV?

$35 million dollars is a massive budget for any advertising campaign. It’s almost as if his campaign was aiming to be the next Draft Kings. (the exception being that Draft Kings has had an incredibly successful return). With Full Funnel Attribution, the Bush campaign (or any other political candidate) would be able to pinpoint where their advertisements are doing the best and which are doing the worst. The idea would be to pull the funding for their unsuccessful campaigns (measuring creative, daypart, day, message versioning, network/station with 21st century TV attribution) and with hard ROI data in hand, spend less on crappy ROI TV, and scale higher ROI TV.

But wait, there’s more (Jeb Bush could learn something from brutally focused ROI TV marketers with a dash of branding mixed in); if his numbers are not strong in, let’s say, Nevada, he could use our metrics to pinpoint his supporters/undecided voters and more accurately and successfully reach out to them. With our attribution model, candidates could learn and utilize these tools for measuring the success of their respected campaigns, instead of throwing money into a burning bush (pun intended). They could easily reach out to a stronger and more important range of citizens to help strengthen their cause and attract a larger percentage in the polls.

Do not lose $35 million dollars because you don’t know the statistics.

$35 million dollars is a lot of money to waste, and it looks like the financial backing of the Bush candidacy has taken aback. Nobody wants to feel like their commitment was all for nothing, and it appears that backers are realizing that too.

The same idea goes for any campaign.

If you want to achieve a full review of how your advertisements are doing, C3 Metrics is the best tool on the market for doing so. We provide Full Funnel Attribution in order to affectively measure you progress. Don’t do what the Bush campaign is doing. Rely on 21st century TV attribution statistics (our statistics) to better grow your company and achieve success with what you are showing consumers.

Mr. Bush: hope you learned your $35 million lesson.