Jeff Greenfield: COO of C3 Metrics Talks Transitioning From Horizontal to Vertical

The switch from Horizontal to Vertical Leadership roles is a natural transition which allows owners to take their hands out of the pockets of the team, and gives them the freedom and time to look for future growth in their company.

Horizontal leadership occurs when two or more members engage in the leadership of the team in an effort to influence and direct fellow members to maximize team effectiveness. 

Vertical Leadership is the traditional example of having a team of workers under the direction of one person.

A recent article from Entrepreneur featured our very own COO Jeff Greenfield speaking about the transition from Horizontal to Vertical.

Jeff: “It reminded me of one of the first solo flights I went on during flight school. The first time being up there by yourself without a flight instructor can be scary. You realize that you’re the only one in the plane that can land it…and if you can’t land it, you’re dead. So it felt pretty similar to that. The nice thing is that when you’re up high and you’re looking across the organization, you can see much further ahead. If you’re sitting on the runway at Logan Airport, you can’t see Cape Cod, but once you take off, its right in front of you. Its a three hour car ride from there, but only a 10 minutes by plane.”

Once you have a team that can operate on its own, you can put your head above the clouds to see what is beyond the horizon.

Transitioning from Horizontal to Vertical Leadership, Jeff was able to free up his schedule and think more towards the future of C3 Metrics while simultaneously giving his employees more constructive responsibility. The team is able to run itself while Jeff can search for more avenues and generate a larger spectrum of business. Within the time he handed over the responsibility, Jeff was able to come up with ways to triple C3 Metric’s revenue.

Jeff: “Its the only way to run an organization. The organization cant grow unless you can plan ahead. When you’re head is in the middle of things, and dealing with day to day situations and issues, good and bad, you can never plan the next step . So you have to step away in order to really plan for the future.”

Vertical Leadership is an integral part of running any sort of company. While Horizontal puts the leaders hands in the teams pockets, and gives them the ability to be everywhere at once, it puts the leader in the middle of everything. There needs to be a leader to help steer the ship to its respected port. Jeff Greenfield was able to take that step vertically in order to see the future and see what was further out upon the horizon.  If used together, both Horizontal and Vertical measures of leadership can be a fierce tool when developing growth and information for your employees This will create a more respected order for growing your company.