Jeff Greenfield at the IEN Marketing Analytics Summit

Last week our very own COO, Jeff Greenfield sat as a panel moderator for the IEN Marketing Analytics Summit at 3 West Club in New York where experts discussed the power and pitfalls of specific advanced metrics, such as multi-touch attribution, customer lifetime value, and more.

The two-day event touched upon the Who, What, and How of attribution and digital marketing:

  • Insight into the algorithms behind advanced attribution platforms
  • Practitioners’ Roundtable: Hear directly from your peers about their metrics/analytics strategies. What have they learned along the way? What tangible benefits have they seen?
  • Reading the metrics tealeaves—forecasting with analytics 
  • How to prove that marketing is an investment, rather than just another cost center
  • Which attribution model is right for you?
  • How to integrate new technologies into your existing business infrastructure 
  • Tech showcase: Explore and compare your vendor options 
  • “Vanity Metrics”—when they can be useful and when they can’t 
  • Organizational alignment: breaking down the data silos across your business
  • Customer Lifetime Value—the most powerful metric of all? 
  • The benefits of using both attribution and media mix modeling 
  • Breaking down communication barriers: how marketers are successfully presenting to the c-suite 
  • Getting different data sets to talk to each other: using metrics to ensure consistency across brands, platforms, and channels
  • What metrics can and can’t do—understanding the limitations 
  • A crash course on regulations and privacy laws—current and predictions for the future
  • The role of marketing automation and machine learning in analytics 
  • Learn what questions to ask up front in order to avoid mistrust and transparency issues with service and software vendors
  • Addressing the talent gap—how diversity on your marketing team leads to innovation
  • Funnel or hourglass? The new shape of the customer journey and what it means for marketers

Getting Beyond “Last Click” with Advanced Attribution Models

· Tips for overcoming common challenges surrounding cross-channel attribution, particularly with mobile
· Predictions for the future, and what this means for companies
· Using control groups in combination with attribution modeling to better measure direct marketing effectiveness
· In-house vs. outsourcing—which approach is right for businesses
· What questions you should be asking before committing to a new service or technology provider

C3 Metrics is providing our own nationwide summit!

Learn more:

Attribution After Dark Chicago

Attribution After Dark, presented by C3 Metrics, is the only nationwide tour of top advertising experts addressing challenges which impact marketers on a daily basis.
Key topics include programmatic fraud, cross-channel measurement, connection online media to offline sales and multi-touch attribution.
Our event in Chicago is proudly hosted at theWit and provides a follow-up after-party including an open bar, food, networking in one of the hottest spots in the city.