Jeff Greenfield = Measuring Data Effectively

Data doesn’t need to be dressed up in Prada on a Madison Avenue billboard. Data is real. As a matter of fact, data is the reason that billboard got made in the first place. The creators of that advertisement used data collected over years of practice to fully implement an effective ad strategy that would convince you to buy that dress, or that wrist watch, or that TV that makes you feel slightly superior than your neighbor.

Data doesn’t make the world go around. Data lets you know the world is round. It provides the required paths that lead to discovering truth.

Jeff Greenfield, our very own COO of C3 Metrics sat down with Rich Brooks – creator of the Agents Of Change podcast to discuss why C3 Metrics provides the most effective data when it comes to advertising.

Jeff:  Well the biggest problem with analytics is that most people don’t understand where the holes are. You’re never going to have a perfect answer – especially when it comes to marketing and advertising – the reality is that until we have a machine that can hook up to someone’s brain and discern exactly which touchpoints and which brand images actually have them make a decision to buy from us or engage further with us, that’s perfection and we don’t have that. So anything else we should step back and understand that anything else we have is just wrong. The questions is how wrong is it and how far away is Google Analytics, or how far away is any analytics from the actual truth.

Why trust someone that thinks they know how to reach an audience when you have the data that can give you the real answers?

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