Who Wins the Battle of Judy + Springer vs. YouTube?

The best part of machine learning is the learning and there’s lots to learn for today’s marketer and CFO.

Analysis of billions in media spend at C3 Metrics clearly demonstrates that TV is not quite dead yet.

From a reach perspective, in the battle of Judge Judy + Springer vs YouTube, Judy and Springer are the clear winners.

If that’s the case, why is TV seen as a ‘bad investment’ by digital-native marketers?

The confusion on performance is all in the numbers as both digital and television have their own methodology and terminology which makes comparing the two almost impossible.

As reported by Hadassa Gerber (SVP and chief research officer at TVB) for the ANA,

Take, as an example, this case from Nielsen: Yahoo! streamed an NFL game and claimed to have attracted 15.2 million viewers, a respectable number when compared to television’s average audience of 19 million per average game. However, on analyzing the numbers Nielsen noted that comparing the two deliveries is like comparing apples to oranges. TV ratings are measured by average audience per minute; when Nielsen used this same metric for the Yahoo! game, Yahoo!’s 15.2 million figure dropped to about 1.6 million. Marketers need reliable, consistent metrics that equate across media.

From 15.2 to 1.6 million, that’s the type of measurement difference which would make a CFO immediately cut digital budget and want to move to TV.

Out of the 7 questions to ask, here’s our favorite:

When you see a number, how many moving parts are in that number?

When YouTube says it had 167,775,000 unduplicated viewers in February 2017, the question to ask is how many YouTube channels did it take to get to that number and over what period of time? The answer: YouTube reached 167,775,000 unduplicated viewers by counting views on 2,883 channels for a month. How would the broadcast networks amass the same number of unduplicated viewers? It would take six broadcast networks five days.

Wow!  TV’s not dead, it’s merely a flesh wound!