Why Launch It If You Can’t Measure It? (Catching That Big Fish)

In a world where advertising is the major factor in brand awareness, many advertisers are looking towards more detailed layouts to give them a better idea of the effectiveness of their ads. Despite what you may believe, by using the old methods, your data isn’t coming through as accurately. If you didn’t know this, now you do.

Lets talk. Last Click is just giving you a lump sum of all of your attribution. It’s not giving as accurate data as what you could have. Some of our clients have saved up to $5 million dollars by switching to us. It may seem like an obvious idea, but you’d be surprised. Its not that these companies are just throwing money out the door on purpose, its that they don’t know how to accurately measure their attribution. Thats why many of them switch to C3 Metrics.

We’re giving you the single source of marketing truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth. With last click, you’re simply casting your advertising budget out, hoping for a nibble. You’re going sit on a rock and wait for your ROI. Now, add C3 into the mix. We’re that awesome new fishing radar system – thing that allows you to pinpoint the best spots to cast your line. I know what you may be thinking “Its the thrill of waiting that makes fishing fun”, and you’re probably right, but not when you have thousands or millions of dollars on that line. This is advertising, and you expect that when you cast out, you’re getting the big haul.

Not having the accurate data is a big risk when trying to meet your ROI goals, so why risk it? Why launch if you can’t measure the data? Have the proof that you caught that massive fish. Better monitor your attribution using C3 Metrics. Bring home the fish, and not just the fish tale.