Media Attribution | The Secret Formula to Offline Attribution

Imagine you’re in charge of online marketing for a large financial brand. And this year, the main challenge you’re trying to solve is the last click attribution problem.

Meaning, most of today’s Internet measurement systems give 100% transaction credit to the very last clicked or last viewed ad before an online transaction.

Last click = massive waste.

So if four Internet ads contribute to a transaction, today’s outdated systems allocate entire credit to the fourth, last ad–ignoring the first three, which actually drove the revenue. And, if someone received an offline direct mail offer, this could be tracked and attributed as a fifth ad.

Legacy online ad tracking systems possess zero media attribution capability—and this year, you’re going to deploy full funnel media attribution and thus increase the ROI of your online media budget by 36+%.

But wait.

What about TV? And what about the dollars spent by your company devoted to Print and Direct Mail?

Can offline media like TV, Print, and Direct Mail be attributed too?

Yes…but there’s a secret.

First, unique domain names need to be utilized: like, or Consumers visiting those unique domains are redirected, and easily tracked.

But, the problem is–the viewer of that Dell TV commercial might only type ‘Dell’ into a search engine instead of going to It’s common.

For TV, what we’ve seen and studied is a 2.45x compliance multiplier. (This is the secret.)

For every 100 people visiting the unique domain advertised on TV, there are actually 245 total people responding to the commercial.

Meaning, compliance of typing in an actual domain isn’t complete—consumers don’t always pay attention to your URL, appearing on TV for a few seconds. But for every transaction from the unique domain on the TV spot, multiply by 2.45x and you’ll track & attribute TV correctly.

Print and Direct Mail are different. When reading a magazine, or setting aside a direct mail piece, consumers do what they always do…they research prior to purchase.

Rather than sign up for your offer immediately, they research online. They research competing offers. They research what the numerous review sites say. But a mere 15% of consumers type in the actual domain name from your ad. Thus the secret multiplier for Print or Direct mail is: 100/15. Do the math [100/15 = 6.67], and for every transaction from the unique domain on your Print/Direct Mail piece, multiply by 6.67x and you’ll track & attribute correctly.

Yes, offline media can be attributed, but also combine the multiplier secret.

Now that you know the secret—start solving the bigger secret of last click attribution with full funnel attribution.