Media Doesn’t Die = It Just Finds Its Niche

Niche media is as useful as that brick that fills that empty spot in the wall.

When radio came out to the public, it introduced the world to a whole new medium of information. Now you could actually hear someone live, or recorded from the comfort of your living room or car. Over time, though and with the invention of the television, radio seemed to slip away from the hold on media that it once had.

This continuous transition has been a key factor in the evolution of media.

Instead of just hearing, you were seeing. This radical new platform gave you the ability to watch displays, graphs, and television shows. All of that painted the picture for you, instead of you being the artist. Television made it easier to reach out to consumers on a grand level. This trend has been going on for well over 50 years and only until now has been replaced by digital advertising.

Don’t let that scare you though, television isn’t dying anytime soon. What is going to happen, is over the course of the next 50 years, television will slowly decline into a niche. Digital has officially taken over advertisement spending and will do so until the next medium is released.

Like television, other platforms will be replacing digital. If we follow the output of technology, we will soon find that our smartphones will be overtaken by something more convenient. I can’t tell you what that might be, but if you take a look at how we’ve copied Star Trek’s technology, you might be able to predict something.

"Beam me up, Siri."

“Beam me up, Siri.”

Lets take a brief look at how digital advertising has come to become king of the advertising world:

Digital wasn’t big until the dot com boom in the late 90’s-early 2000’s. This helped get the message out that the internet wasn’t simply for nerds, but a new media outlet for advertising. It took some time before it picked up, but when it hit the millennial generation, it exploded. Sites like Myspace, where social networking between friends and people connected us closer without having to go outside and actually communicate. As of that time, we now have what many call the “internet community”.

At the time, it was seen as just a trend or fad, but the overall usefulness kept it going. Soon after, Facebook was created and connected the whole world. Now, everyone uses the internet. It is no longer just a “trend” and the people who still say that generally don’t know that television has been overtaken by digital.

Overall, the future of digital advertising is still being refined, but it might not be long after they perfect it that a new medium will be released. Like every other media before it, once that new outlet becomes readily available to the public, we will start to see the internet and digital start to find its own “niche”.