MediaPost: Time for Full Funnel Attribution Ad Strategy

As reported by Laurie Sullivan in Ad Industry Needs To Get Collective Head Out Of Sand And Create Full-Funnel Attribution Ad Strategy

Calling it “full-funnel attribution,” Zinman told the packed room of marketers, that advertisers must insist that search and display teams collaborate and coordinate media buys to ensure that budgets are allocated correctly. The alternative risks creating a “cacophony” that costs the client money. It’s no secret that different disciplines of buying both media exist, so publishers like Yahoo and Google need to take responsibility too, and step up to double-check media plans and optimize budgets.

Zinman described a campaign where the advertiser began with baseline data and what it perceived as the revenue derived from the budget. The unnamed company tapped a full funnel attribution strategy to reduce the spend they thought was not driving results. In the end, the company saw a 25% increase in revenue without spending more for the campaign. When the company spent 12% more from the baseline the following year, it generated 75% more revenue, according to a study by C3 Metrics, which has been working with Yahoo.

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