Micro-Blogging = The New Influencers

Blogs are a great way for someone to put themselves out to the world. In a non-traditional style, bloggers can express their side of whatever topic they choose to focus on. With Social Media becoming the easiest and most effective way to venture into popularity and reach, advertisers are seeing a shift. Not just in the content that can be generated, but in new methods of extending their goals to various other outlets.

Most bloggers will eventually try their hand at affiliate marketing to supplement income. The idea being to create traffic for advertisers.

A quick example:

A blogger will create a page for something they find profitable. They generate enough traffic to be seen on the front page of Google and are then picked up by a company who would like to use their platform to advertise. The company then pays the blogger to host advertisements on their site, thus creating income for the blogger, and reach for the advertiser.

This isn’t a new method. What is new is the industry focus on “Micro-bloggers”. These blogs allow users to share short quantities of information. One of the best examples of a “micro-blog” is the famous mobile app: Snapchat.

Snapchat allows users to send 15-second videos and photos to friends. When the video is viewed, it is then erased. With the ability for advertisers to reach out through this medium, the idea of creating content to fit the structure of micro-blogs has caught the eye of many agencies.

This infographic by Adweek gives us a taste of how advertisers seek to utilize Micro-Bloggers.