Micro Influencers = Becoming a Personal Brand

Micro Influencers shrink the line between life and leisure to give viewers a window into the world around them.

The internet is full of videos and images of a mid/late 20-somethings walking on the beach somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Stemming from the “travel while you’re young” ideology that many millennials have adopted, these people have become “Micro Influencers”. They packed up their belongings and created a following on social media which gave them the necessary requirements to create a symbiotic life of leisure and travel.

How do they do it?

Traveling is what everyone wants to do. Whether it be to the Great Wall of China or kissing under the Eiffel Tower, people want to see that and live it. The ability to experience a taste of that life can be viewed vicariously through the micro influencer.

Micro Influencers utilize sponsorships to help fund their travels. Sponsorships can be anything from free accommodations, food, drink, travel costs or even money. Depending on the brand that reaches out to an influencer, the benefits could be anything.

In fact, these influencers have become more successful than major celebrity endorsements.

According to this infographic by Hello Society:


The biggest benefit when working with these influencers is the loyalty of their followers. When there are big name celebrities endorsing a product on Instagram, followers tend to question if they really like it.

Did they advertise this because they liked it? Or were they paid?

With these new methods, brand loyalty is important. Why have a Kardashian promote a sports car when there are specific sports car Instagram pages that have large followings and more devoted fans?

With a solid and reliable following of 30,000, the micro influencer has a more condensed and valuable source to promote your brand. Whether you’re looking for travel based Instagrams or craft tips on Pinterest, the micro influencer is a large key in the puzzle of digital marketing.