Millennials = Don’t Mind Watching Ads

It has become very apparent that Millennials and Gen Z are the main focus when advertising online. According to an info-graph from Adweek, we can now be clear that advertising to us will and can work.

According to the study, using percentages, Adweek found out the following key points:

77% of Millennials watch videos online just to simply kill boredom. Television simply doesn’t give you what you want immediately when you want it. Instead of arguing between your friends who, chances are, have video games to play or if you’re me, The Golden Girls, you can simply go to YouTube, type in what you want and be good to go.

Blanche, you sly minx.

Blanche, you sly minx.

In terms of YouTube ads, most millennials are okay with ads for one way or another. We know who we’re supporting. Its not some big wig broadcasting company, its some guy in his basement talking to us about movies, or videos games, or eating a cactus.

See, this was totally worth sitting through a 20 second ad. This dude totally ate a cactus. He didn’t just nibble, either, he went to town. That commitment deserves the 8 million views he got. We know this and according to the info-graph, 63% of us agree the internet celebrities need advertisements to make a living. 58% of us are absolutely okay with watching the ad for our favorite celebrities.

Lastly, the article points out that YouTube is the dominant factor in digital video watching. This shouldn’t be surprising when every person has an account and posts video about anything. If you are reading this, you are one of those 8 million people who watched this guy eat a cactus. We can’t live without YouTube apparently, and it makes sense. It gives us what we want when we want it, how can you compete with that?

The article points out that ads that last 5-15 seconds have a higher success rate than ads that are 30 seconds long.

Overall, we’re not against advertising, there is just a more effective way to do it. Keep it short and relevant and you’ll have a much higher success rate when advertising online.