Mortal Combat For Content – Expect Blood

YouTube was king of video content.

Facebook, came to take those eyeballs and content producers with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now Amazon, like a viking, aims to steal those eyeballs from all of them.

Digiday reports Amazon is heavily recruiting content producers and distributors to load all that content on both Amazon Prime’s Video Direct program and their Channels program. Takers range from A +E to Sarah Silverman’s Jash.

What’s in it for producers and distributors? Money and convenience. Amazon deals with all the billing and formatting for hundreds of devices.

Why video? Three reasons:

  1. Highest CPM’s in online advertising
  2. Higher engagement with video (time spent)
  3. Zenith’s indicates online video consumption will rise 20%+ (35% on mobile)

“It doesn’t take a genius to see why Amazon is waging war for content producers and distributors,” said Jeff Greenfield, COO of advanced advertising attribution measurement firm C3 Metrics “but the only site that can pull this off is Amazon since everyone’s credit card is stored there.”

CNBC reported today that Netflix hit an all-time stock high as Wall Street gushed over its “unmatched” platform. Bezos may be changing this with a bigger shelf full of content plus cost advantage over Netflix since Amazon owns AWS (where a lot of that Netflix content resides).
The stakes in video are high:

  • Every Google sales rep is pushing YouTube pre-roll because the CPMs are rich
  • Every digital sales rep is trying to steal TV budget with video
  • Mobile video consumption is rising 35%

Where’s there’s money, there’s blood.

Take a ringside seat.