Is the Mother of All Direct Response Back | Mail?

Technology has changed Direct Mail. It used to be slow (months of lead time). But banks, credit cards, lawn care, and political campaigns still use direct mail with a twist.
The technology twists:

  1. Print on demand
  2. RFM database triggers
  3. LiveRamp/Acxiom cookie translation to household address
  4. Retargeting capability (essentially creating a qualified mail list)

But the two keys to direct mail at a whopping $500-$810 CPM are: your list, and your creative/offer.
Thanks to digital display and dynamic headline testing, mail creative/offer can be pre-tested in display (provided you’re measuring on viewable impressions).
But the list is still the make or break in direct mail.
Now with DMP overlays and look-alike modeling, list selection gets more refined.
New companies diving into this old medium:
Lob ($20 million funding)
PebblePost ($47 million funding)
Mail’s biggest thorn (besides high CPM) used to be reliability, but now mail data & technology companies like GrayHair software, track scans where mail is tracked down to the day before in-home (versus praying Alfred at the mail shop sent those trays this month).
A recent study conducted by Canadian firm TrueImpact showed higher recall of direct mail versus digital ads (75% versus 44%).
“At the end of the day, it’s not about CPM’s it’s about CPA’s,” said C3 Metrics advertising attribution measurement COO Jeff Greenfield. “now with cookie translation from the likes of LiveRamp, Direct Mail becomes very easy to incorporate into the customer journey funnel, and thus attribute.”
What’s old is new (with a twist of technology).
Shaken…not stirred.