Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Saves This Marketer Millions In Wasted Spend

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) focuses on media optimization, and on average, companies report 15%+ increase in advertising ROI and a 6X return on their attribution investment.

This client’s numbers are much greater than 15%!

The nature of this marketer’s product is such that it is a need based product service which only arises every 7 years.

In order for the marketing team to shift demand from solely need to want, they know it would require a shift away from their brand’s heavy dependence on paid search into other forms of advertising including display, pre-roll video and content creation.

But how do you make such a major shift in advertising strategy?

You’ve got to have the proof and that’s where Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) helps marketers win everyday!

After onboarding C3 Metrics, including adding C3 Metrics tags to their tag manager and establishing feeds into the Attribution Data Cloud, the C3 Metrics team completed their QA process on the data inputs and the model outputs. (Most clients complete this process within 90 days.)

Upon initial evaluation, the C3 Metrics analytics team noticed significant spend yielding zero return.

To be more precise, they were able to determine that 91% of this company’s advertising spend was not generating any return.

When 91% of your ads are not receiving any ROI, you have to make cuts.

Needless to say, our analytics team recommended some intense cuts.

Review the data below and see how C3 Metrics was able to save this company millions of dollars in wasted ad spend and create an ‘instant’ budget for display and other upper funnel tactics!



And this is just the beginning for this client.

By using C3 Metrics, you have the ability to see which tactics, creatives, messaging and vendors are not generating what you thought they were.

Still think your outdated analytics is working for you?

Think again.