Niche = Bringing Brands and Content Creators Together

Niche is a multiplatform program for content creators to better connect with brands.

Since the inception of Niche in 2013, the community has grown from 6,000 content creators to over 45,000.

“We know which creators have worked with Coke or worked with Pepsi,” Lachtman said. “Our company is technology for content creators to see who their audience is and what type of content gets the most engagement for them.”

Niche was originally created to walk hand in hand with Vine. Since Vine’s fallout, the platform switched its focus to all social media platforms. Niche is a once source for brands to reach out to desired content creators and vice versa.

Niche provides free, cross-platform analytics on desktop and mobile. In addition to the technology they offer, they’ve helped creators develop new revenue streams to support their budding careers, by facilitating partnerships with over 100 brands and agencies — themselves valuable members of the Niche community