North Korea = A Great Advertising Campaign

Every couple of years, North Korea creeps their way into millions of media outlets across the country. The Communist dictatorship, lead by Kim Jung Un, has made recent headlines by stating they will launch a nuclear warhead to the United States if they continue with military drills in South Korea.

Obviously they don’t have the technology to reach us. As time has gone, they’ve been getting closer, but still, in the end, they’re missiles fall miles short.

7,180 miles to be exact

7,180 miles to be exact

This isn’t the first time, nor is it the last. As I try to keep up to date with the little information that comes out of the DPRK, a thought came to me:

Does North Korea have a great advertising campaign?

The area is known for being one of the most extensive and elaborate propaganda machines in the world, so it’s no doubt that they can manipulate their way into the hearts and minds of Americans. They’re redirect makes headlines here at home and can sometimes push fear tactics onto us.

Now, regardless of how you view the issue, their is a somewhat risk that comes from the country, but as I said before, its not worth worrying about at this point. What we should be really focused on is how they’ve created a campaign that appears once every 2-3 years. This always coincides with either a U.N. sanction, or a joint United States/ South Korean military drill. Its almost like they have it scheduled. North Korea doesn’t have to pay for any advertising, they get enough publicity by simply making headlines. The idea isn’t to convince the United States, but to influence their citizens to keep providing resources towards their government. That is their form of ROI.

North Korea always uses the threat of nuclear war, which is a troubling thing to hear and that is where they can gain steam in terms of headlines in the United States, but we know that their comments are just that – steam. They’re creating and manipulating information to put in the faces of their citizens to show that they are standing up to a “the Tyrant” that is America. They haven’t convinced America to buy into their system and chances are, they most likely never will.