Organic Reach = More Fun Than Purchased

One of the more fun aspects when running an effective blog is the concept of organic reach. One of the most effective ways to reach desirableable influx of traffic has been through Facebook. Organic reach is used to describe voluntary searches for your content.

That in mind, utilizing Facebook to obtain that organic reach is easy, but making those goals can sometimes be difficult.

Through running a blog of my own, my best outcome for reach has been through “cluster groups”. A cluster consists primarily of your targeted audience. In this case, I was able to reach out to many groups within different aspects of New Hampshire.

Each group had roughly 2-300-hundred different members and diversified my reach significantly. Within each group, my reach had gone up significantly. Now obviously reach isn’t the only measurement you should be looking at, the total interactions that come from that reach is also important.

I set my reach goal to 10,000 per week. Within that reach, my plan was to have a 1-2% interaction rate. What I got was far larger. I had made about a 5-6% interaction rate just through posting content. The content wasn’t even my own, it was just shared through another site, but the impact was great!

The amount of people posting and sharing content was what gave my Facebook network an incredible boost in traffic.

Now that I had laid the groundwork for traffic, I the next step was coming up with my own content and relying on that to promote my website. I had established a strong community of individuals who have gotten to know me on a personal level and through that, my brand’s recognition has increased.

Using these “cluster groups” can help when looking to gain traffic. The organic approach is always more fun and creative than just purchasing “likes” and “views”.