Pats-Stats = A Super Bowl Recap

That was one hell of a game, wasn’t it? The Patriots sealed their 5th Super Bowl Victory and Tom Brady solidified himself as the greatest quarterback of all time.

It wasn’t easy, though. Being down 25 points (28-3) in the first half had many Patriots fans feeling down but not out. When no team in the history of the Super Bowl had ever come back from a 10 point deficit, the proverbial salt was added to the wound.

What happened during the second half is left for history books (as well as Youtube highlights). By the second half, the Patriots needed a field goal, two touchdowns, and two-2 point conversions, an almost impossible feat, almost.

The points started stacking up
3-28 (field goal)
9-28 (touchdown with missed extra point)
12-28 (Field goal)
20-28 (touchdown +two-point conversion)
28-28 (touchdown +two-point conversion)

By the end of the 4th quarter, the Pats had tied the game. Then overtime happened (a first in Super Bowl history). The Pats won the coin toss to receive the ball and the final charge put them 34-28 to win yet another Super Bowl (their 5th).

We here at C3 Metrics pride ourselves on being Pats fans and were proud to witness the greatest QB of all time, Tom Brady (GOAT), win another Super Bowl.

One of the greatest comebacks in the history of football happened last night and Patriots fan or not, you cannot deny that Tom Brady is now the best.

Through the course of this week, we will be taking a look at the advertisements, budgets, player stats, and records that made Super Bowl LI.

Go Pats!