Pat’s Stats = Super Bowl 51 Ads Failed To Gain Attention.

Whether you’re Patriots or Falcons, both fans can agree that 2017’s run of Super Bowl ads fell short.

This year, we were presented with very little.

We had a controversial ad from Budweiser that told the story of an immigrant traveling to America to brew the nation’s best-selling beer.

A sexy Mr. Clean.

A female soap-box racer representing equality from Audi.

We also had an advertisement depicting a masochist enjoying the “punishment” for her cell overages by T- Mobile.

These were the ads that stood out the most and it doesn’t say much. This year (as well as last year) agencies kept quiet. They kept their ideas simple and consistent.

They played it too safe.

When you have $5 million dollars (or more) on the line, the risk can be great.  When the largest televised event of the year relies on your eye-catching advertisement, is it really worth it to hold back?

The answer is no.

This year’s ads were replaced by neutral, gray, lifestyle ads. They weren’t funny. They weren’t interesting and nothing really distracted me from listening to my neighbors trip through the cornfields of Nebraska.

The ads that would have been considered “lame” by previous years are now the top contenders. The bar was set so safely, that anything remotely different shined brightly.

Each year, the cost for Super Bowl ads go up in price. From Super Bowl 50’s -$4.5 million to Super Bowl 51’s- $5 million, the cost hinders the risk and it shows.

With the expectation of costs to rise for Super Bowl 52, will ads continue to be a staple in America’s most watched event?