Kendall Jenner Holding Pepsi

Pepsi Pulls Ad Over Outrage

Was Pepsi’s new ad the right avenue to take?

The ad opens up with a shot of artisans, models, and photographers each drinking a can of Pepsi. Meanwhile, a large protest marches by their homes. Each artist decides to take part and provide what they can for the “movement”. Generic signs stating “Join the conversation” all painted in the Pepsi-owned shade of blue take up the shot as a cameraman focusses on a shoot with Kendall Jenner. Kendall, witnessing what is going on, can’t help but be distracted by what is happening and decides to join. She takes off her makeup and wig and decides that she’s the one to bring peace. She does this by opening a can of Pepsi and handing it over to a police officer who nods in approval. Everyone starts to dance and cheer. Thank you, Pepsi, for saving the day.

The ad has caused controversy due to the lighthearted approach to current events. Many believe the ad to utilize racial tensions and implementing a cheap way to “bring people together”.

Now, a lot of people use that as a reason as to why the advertisement is bad. The truth is, that ad itself is just bad.

Where Coca-Cola created one of the most iconic advertisements ever made with its “Hilltop” ad from the ’71, Pepsi’s version in 2017 falls short by being tacky, overproduced and corny.

The ad resembles a film about a noisy frat house set right next to a house with old angry people who can’t stand them. In the end, the frat house decides to show those old people how to live by inviting them over to the party to show them a good time. They do, and things calm down. Everyone can go home now, the issue is over.

Kendall Jenner or not, the ad would have had the same effect. Apparently having a rich celebrity with no perspective on how normal people live has the means to stop world issues.  At this point, you could have had the same results with Spuds Mackenzie.

Pepsi has since pulled the ad stating:

“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark and apologize.”