Creative Roots of Attribution with Rudy Grahn

Rudy Grahn knows: Attribution is the connective tissue that is missing in almost every organization. A passionate idealist who has the future of attribution square in his sights, tune in to hear Rudy's insights on how and why attribution came about, what the biggest adoption barriers are and what the future may hold.

Building Attribution Trust With C3 Metrics’ CEO Greg Collins

C3 Metrics' CEO Greg Collins knows: How to listen, build trust and set expectations. As the newly appointed CEO at C3 Metrics, Collins leads a team recently granted MRC Accreditation for Viewability and is now on track to be the first company granted attribution accreditation. Hear how he sees the market growing and why he made the move to attribution.

Attribution & Viewability with GrocerKey’s David Kaplan

David Kaplan is an expert in digital customer acquisition and analytics who faced a major barrier -- what can be done about viewability and attribution. He comes on the show to share how he came into attribution, what this has enabled him to do, and how he overcame the challenges of early adoption.

Walled Gardens & Attribution Truths With Crossmedia’s Lee Beale

What can marketers learn from Crossmedia's data analytics guru Lee Beale? How to make the right bets with your marketing budget and build your business. From his early days with CPG brands to building Redbox into a world-class offering, Lee learned the only signal that matters in the marketing noise is the truth.

Attribution For LeadGen & EDU With Nathan Gorenflo

Nathan Gorenflo is an expert in EDU lead generation. He comes on the show and shares his experience with operationalizing attribution at Franklin University. A case study in technology adoption and a lesson on why you should not attempt to swallow the entire attribution camel all at once.

Math: The Source and New Frontier of Attribution with Michael Kaushansky

Michael Kaushansky is one of today’s brightest measurement leaders. He comes on the show and shares the story of how he came to be in the digital marketing space and how he along with other mathematicians came to birth what is essentially known as attribution today, tune in to this episode to also hear what he foresees as its inevitable future!

Attribution Discovery & Secrets To Scaling Your Digital Marketing with Vanessa Branco

Vanessa Branco knows: When you buy digital media at scale, you need to have attribution. She used Attribution to discover the 'halo' of digital advertising which filled the funnel for one public company and increased their ROI over 300%! Tune in for an insightful episode as Vanessa offers important advice on creative performance, what to budget for testing, and how long you should test for (it’s longer than you’d think!).

The Organizational Challenge of Attribution Adoption with Kevin Seaman

Straight shooter Kevin Seaman shares his story of how he took a TV-centric organization and moved it into the digital space using cross-channel multi-touch attribution. Tune in to find out what it takes to get attribution adopted, the challenges you may face and what you could expect to learn along the way.

Attribution Training with Leslie Laredo

Digital marketing trainer Leslie Laredo knows: The biggest challenge to multi-touch attribution is the refusal to challenge assumptions. Knowing how to challenge ROI numbers only comes from training. And after training over a hundred thousand marketing professionals over the last two decades, Leslie knows you have to consistently train to stay ahead and win in today’s marketing world.