Pokemon = 7.5 Million Downloads.

Last week, Pokemon Go launched in the US. I know this because that is all my Facebook feed has consisted of since it hit the app store.  So far, there hasn’t been much word on how many users have actually downloaded the app from the officials, but according to app analytics company Sensortower Pokemon Go has reached 7.5 million downloads.

As of this writing, I am currently looking out my window and watching my 21-year-old roommate walk around the neighborhood on a quest to find a Snorlax. He is currently on his 6th lap.

The craze has been popular with many people of the Millennial generation and that shouldn’t be too surprising seeing as we were the original players of the game. So far, the company has an estimated income valued at $1.7 million dollars per day and shows no signs of slowing down.

The revenue from the game comes from in-game purchases. Essentially people buy “Pokeballs” to catch the little monsters and sometimes they don’t work. When you run out of Pokeball’s, you use real money to purchase more. Thus bleeding many parent’s bank accounts dry.

Another interesting development to come to light since launch is the fact that within  a week of its availability, the game got more downloads than Tinder in US Android installs.

The game itself generally requires more time to play (as if that was an issue for people), and according to an infographic from SimilarWeb, the average user spends approximately 45 minutes trying to…”catch’em all”.  This dwarfs other social application giants such as Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Check it out:

With the arrival of this game to smartphone users across the country, it seems like the only way to go is up. The app itself has established its base-layer and has the foresight to develope itself even further in order to keep users active and entertained.