Political Ads = Eisenhower Answers America

In 1952, television was becoming the product in everyone’s household. It was the peak of sharing information and gave viewers a window into different parts of the world. It also was the first time a presidential candidate used advertising to reach out to those individuals.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first ever president to use this new form of information sharing during the 1952 election where he ran against democratic nominee, Adlai Stevenson. The advertisements were incredibly effective. Instead of purchasing a block of time for television, each ad ran for thirty seconds – the usual runtime.

“Eisenhower Answers America” quickly became one of the most influential political advertisements of the 20th century. By utilizing the new medium of television, he was able to effectively reach out to millions of Americans for a fraction of the cost.

Fast forward to 2008. Social media has become the new venture for advertising and reaching out to individuals. The Obama administration used this new medium as a vital tool for their election. This led to his victory over republican, John McCaine Today, every political candidate has a twitter account and uses it to reach out to millions of users/potential voters.

The power of new mediums has been an effective outlet for politics. Every new generation picks up the technology that the previous generation created and improves upon it.  The candidates who do not utilize the newest methods are often shown to be out of touch with the younger populace.