Programmatic Ad-Fraud = The C3 Metrics Solution

Programmatic fraud plagues the digital advertising world.

With major ad-fraud becoming more and more prevalent, what will advertisers do to make sure they aren’t spending in the wrong places?

As we have explained previously, fraudsters are everywhere. Programmatic drug lords target all available outlets in order to manipulate your advertising efforts.  Extreme efforts have been able to rob advertisers of up to $180 million dollars and the process has only grown.

Programmatic fraud occurs between midnight and 6 am. The culprits know this because you don’t.  They know that most advertisers rely on daily metrics, not hours and can manipulate the data based on that large gap in knowledge.


Video remains the largest target for fraudsters. Publishers prefer to bill on impressions because it is an inventory based product, rather than a performance based product. Those who seek to falsify clicks have a field day with this method due to the ease of which clicks can be generated.

You, as an advertiser, have the ability to stop this from happening. The ability to see ad performance is critical if you want to stay on top of your game (and keep your job).

Using C3 Metrics allows you to see when fraud is happening. Our ability to see the inner workings of digital ad spend can help you tackle the monster under your bed. By utilizing real-time strategies such as C3 Metrics, you have the ability to take back and control what many advertisers fear they cannot.
Ad agencies (not necessarily the good ones) have fallen to this monster. The fear should not be in ad fraud, the fear should be in doing the right thing to help combat it.

Want to learn more?

C3 Metrics is on its first nationwide tour, Attribution After Dark: a nationwide tour of industry experts addressing key topics and challenges which impact marketers, including programmatic fraud, cross-channel measurement, and attribution.

Our Chicago event will feature a networking hour, panel discussion, and after party, all located at theWit — boldly located n the heart of the city’s theater, arts, and shopping district. Get ready to talk everything attribution while taking in city views & networking with industry leaders.

For more information please visit Attribution After Dark and see where C3 Metrics can help.