Programmatic Power = Saving $299,756 dollars

Every Friday, the C3 Metrics team sits down to optimize a client’s ad spend. Through the power of C3 Metrics, we are able to save companies tons of money through their annual advertising budgets.

Let’s take a look:

We went through this company’s annual ad spend to save them over $299,756 dollars. We went through each of their respected channels and cut what wasn’t making money. The results are impressive.

Under Program Optimization, we were able to save this company $14,184 dollars. That’s not crazy savings, but significant none-the-less.

Let’s take a look at this company’s news Channel:

With optimizations, we were able to save this company $33,364 dollars in annual ad spend. Going through the optimization, we found that News 1, 5, and 12, could be reduced significantly. The reductions were drastic, but the data said to keep them going. The others weren’t making any money back, so we cut them as well. Not bad.

Now, let’s take a look at Retargeting:

Through Retargeting, we noticed we were able to save this company significantly more than the other channels. Here is where we start saving larger amounts of ad spend. Retarget 2,6, and 7 needed to be reduced. Not as bad as the previous reductions, but still enough to make a noticeable difference. The rest of the channel was cut completely. The results of our optimizations came out to $61,972 dollars in annual ad spend.

Lastly, let’s take a look at their Prospect channel:

This is where we saved them the most money. Through this optimization, we were able to save them $190,236 dollars in annual ad spend. This was the big one. There were major reductions in place which allowed this company to save an optimal amount of money.

The results speak for themselves. Call C3 Metrics today and speak with someone in regards to how you can save your ad spend and quit wasting money.