What is Programmatic’s Position For 2017?

The machines have spoken. Programmatic advertising is projected to have an amazing year ahead of them in 2017. Growth is expected to increase upwards of almost a third.

The climb has come a long way. In 2012, programmatic’s share of spending was 13% (not a very high number). The spend for that time was around $5bn.

Let’s take a look at what we have today:

In 2016, US programmatic was expected to reach $22.10 billion. The ascension is a large 39.7% jump from last year.

Programmatic spend accounted for 67.0% of total digital display ad spending in the US.

Let’s take a look at the future:

Programmatic spend will continue to grow at an average 28% a year to 2018.

With programmatic becoming the major outlet for digital advertising, agencies are starting to look for better ways to monitor their spend. This concept heavily relies on perfect, total truth in order for ad dollars to be put to work effectively.

Ad fraud is another issue that agencies are tackling in the upcoming year. 2016 saw the loss of $7.2bn worth of digital ad spend and it looks like 2017 might be hit just as hard.

With C3 Metrics, you have the ability to look through your data and see where your ads are making the most impact (as well as spot the frauds).  The benefits of having absolute truth are what we all strive to have. When billions of dollars are on that line, it becomes even more important to be able to monitor down to the closest molecule.