Promoting A Festival For Free = Facebook Photos

Promoting on Facebook is crucial for any event. Updates, information, and spreading awareness is key to increasing ticket sales, merchandise sales and anything else that can make you money via traffic.

Being tasked with promoting an event with a zero dollar ad budget creates an interesting scenario.

How do you promote your event without spending money?

I help promote one of the largest music festivals in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the nature of the event comes with a list of restrictions.

The directors of the event hold fundraising events around the Manchester, Nashua, Concord areas (New Hampshire’s three main cities). At each event, there are multiple camera people looking to get their name out to the public and are in need of driving traffic to their respected websites.

What I can tell you about the event is that they want to spread “Good Vibes” and “Possitive Energy”.

After each event, I take their photos and upload them via the events Facebook page. Under each photo consists of a link to the ticket page on our website, a link to the respected photographer (credit MUST be given to them).

After our last event, we collected over 250 photos of bands that played at the fundraising event. Large crowds mean that people will want to tag each other, the more they tag, the further the reach of each link in the description.

There are multiple Facebook groups that help promote the event as well.  With 12 Facebook groups each containing between 1200-3000 unique individuals, the potential reach can be immense.

By creating this type of content, the spread of information can be shared with little effort. People want to see their photos and share them with their friends, their friends (who are also at the event) share them. This will continue on its own and help generate traffic to your site.

This was all done with zero dollars.