Promoting A Music Festival = Backlinks

Backlinks are an important piece of the puzzle when trying to bring traffic to your site.

The goal of promoting any music festival is to increase ticket sales. With a budget of zero dollars, gaining traction can be tough, but not impossible. The use of backlinks is critical when trying to get your site to rank in Google.

All festivals have sponsors. Whether they’re food trucks, merchandise shops, bands, etc. their online resources are crucial when promoting without a budget.

Stains of a Sunflower

Shade Tramp hammers away with Stains of a Sunflower


New Hampshire has a lot to offer without any real place to pull things towards. The music scene is sporadic at best. It consists of generic “top 40” cover bands which are always an easy sell (play what the people want). They typically bring in the older crowd, the people with money who are simply looking to have a good time. The other end of the spectrum consists of your friend’s band. They play small shows either in a vacant mill building or someone’s basement.

Both ends of the spectrum utilize self-promotion. At the least, they have a Facebook page where they post constantly. The idea is to be able to incorporate your event with the flow of traffic…for every band available. Backlinks to your site via other promotional material can benefit an event tremendously.

Each band or DJ needs to have a link to either the homepage or tickets. If they play at a fundraising event for your festival, make sure to have as many photos of them as you can. Each photo should contain a backlink as well. This helps to ensure an increase in traffic and a high amount of coverage.

When promoting an event for little to no money, backlinks will be the backbone on how you are going to gain that extra bump in the search results.