Rodney Mullen = Innovation Keeps You Afloat

We are an eclectic team here, at C3 Metrics. We consist of different backgrounds, have different hobbies, and skills that individually contribute to the team. One thing that a lot of us have in common, though, is skateboarding.

Most of you probably have never heard of Rodney Mullen. Most of you probably aren’t into skateboarding, either. That’s okay, nobody is perfect. Rodney Mullen is the inventor of most of the tricks that you see today. He was, and still is the innovator for an entire industry.

Well, he did it again with his new video titled: Liminal. The video was shot using a brand new, 4-D camera. The video consists of a 360 panoramic of Mullen landing some of the most iconic skate moves, most of which he invented.

Not only is this a different approach to digital content, but a different approach to skateboarding altogether.  The industry relies heavily on innovation. From the early times of riding a 3/4 inch piece of plywood to the invention of eurothane wheels, innovation has been molded and crafted by the raw talent of those who have the will to progress.

Skateboarding has been an industry since the 60’s. After more than 50 years, the sport has stayed relevant by utilizing and optimizing, crafting, and adapting. Nobody in the 70’s looked at the skateboard and said “This is the design that people will use forever.” They innovated and changed. If they didn’t adapt, they would die.

The same goes for your company. In order to stay up to pace with the changing world of advertising, you need the right tools to effectively operate your campaign. If you are still using Last Click, you’re far behind. With C3 Metrics, you are utilizing some of the most recent and effective tools to best monitor your advertising. We give you the opportunity to view each and every ad that you pay for, and see what keywords work the best, which sites generate the most traffic, and who is ultimately purchasing your product.

The digital industry is in a constant metamorphosis and has been since the days of Last Click (which is now 15 years old). If you are reading this from work, chances are you aren’t viewing it on an iMac from 2001. You’re viewing it from a more recent model. Your company decided that they needed to ditch the old computers and buy new ones because, over time, the old computers could not perform as effectively. The same goes for your attribution software.

Check out C3 Metrics and see how much money you’re throwing away.