The ROI Of Web = Is Your Site Saving $$$?

The holidays are here. That means holiday affiliates are in full effect. If you’re one of those people who want to make extra money for gifts this season, then running a site can be a good way to invest.

We have all heard the phrase:

“It takes money to make money.”

Well, with C3 Metrics, you don’t need to spend as much money to create the same results. We took a look through this site’s ad spend and shaved away a few pounds from Thanksgiving.

Through Google Non-Brand we were able to save $409,305-dollars in annual ad spend. The reductions made were critical. With almost a half-million dollars in ad spend, could we save more?


Let’s take a look at the other channels.


Here you can feel the extra weight melting off. That stuffing was delicious, but it’s been a week and it’s gotta go.  Through our optimizations, we saved (shed) $337,798-dollars in annual ad spend. At this point, we can feel our jeans loosening up.

Imagine the affiliates as the mashed potatoes. They must have stuffed it in their mouths and chugged the gravy as an afterthought. Again, we were able to save them $332,502-dollars in annual ad spend.

We’re not done here. We called up Richard Simmons to help get you in the perfect Christmas bod. Nobody wants to look over-weight under the mistletoe.

Let’s take a look at their Social Retargeting:

After making these cuts, we found that this company didn’t need to hide their extra gut underneath that oversized Christmas sweater. With $179,347-dollars in annual ad spend, we’re looking great!

Through Video Retargeting, we were able to save this company $190,151-dollars in annual ad spend. This was the final push into fitness for the holiday season.


Look at all the pounds you shed! Just in time to impress that attractive co-worker (who probably will still take your advancements as weird and scary).