How Scotland Is Staying Relevant Through Euro 2016

Ah, international soccer events. Generally speaking, as Americans, we only watch the World Cup. Our time to shine really only appears every 4 years, but other countries must step up to the challenge and take on the likes of Germany, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands on a more frequent basis.

In order to join the ranks amongst the top teams in Euro 2016, a nation’s team must play a round of qualifying matches. For the likes of Scotland, this didn’t end well. After coming in 4th place, they failed to qualify and were sent home.

Scotland itself has had a troubled past with the sport, either not qualifying or losing early on, but they still maintain their national pride and good character.

The ad for Paddy Power – Scotlands answer to Draft-Kings put together a spot cultivating a marching parade of proud Scotsmen and women to show that their country could care less about losing.

The ad, which is pretty much a big spit in the face to every other team, hosts a collection of people who represent something Scottish. Now, I don’t know what some of these things are, but you can be rest assured they are Scottish.

As the crowd marches on, kilts emblazoned, they pull out their phones to vote for the country that they want to lose. In a cheeky Scottish fashion, I can only have you guess at who it is, but we’ll give you a hint.

*whispers (It’s England)