Why Single Channel Attribution Ain’t Attribution

When you log into the Twitter Ads interface you’ll see a tab called “Attribution.” But attribution of a single vendor, grading their own homework…is not attribution at all.
Next time you log in to (name your media vendor only measuring itself), ask them these questions?

  1. Are you measuring other paid digital channels?
  2. How are you fractionalizing and modeling those paid digital channels?
  3. Are your measuring the fractional contribution of Organic, SEO, and brand created content?
  4. How are you bringing in the fractional value of TV, Radio, Direct Mail, or Offline media?
  5. How are you joining cross-device?
  6. How are you eliminating non-viewable display ads from getting credit?
  7. How are you correcting the false positive of click fraud?
  8. How are you algorithmically removing what’s called multicollinearity?

This is why single channel attribution is not attribution (cross-channel, cross-device, user-level, viewability-controlled, false-positive-corrected, Bayesian-modeled, machine-learning) at all.
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