Snapchat = Trickling Ads

Whenever there has been an increase in advertisements across social media, users are instantly met with the full brunt of it immediately.

When Facebook started to focus on their messenger app as the new place to advertise, users across the country were pinged by Uber or Lyft before the words could roll off of Mark Zuckerberg’s tongue. Well, Snapchat is going about the process with their users in mind.

Nobody wants to be bombarded with ads while they’re viewing their friend’s stories. Facebook is a more utilized tool which also means it has a lot more to offer in terms of reach. With over 1-billion users, it has dominated the world of social. Snapchat is catching up but doesn’t want to shove its new financial forecast into the face of those you enjoy using the app.

Instead, Snapchat has planned to release limited ads. Up to 3 a day between stories is the maximum ad output that users will see. The reach Snapchat has is large, but it doesn’t compete with TV or other social media outlets, so there isn’t a need to shove brands into everyone’s social space.

Peter Sellis, Snapchat’s head of monetization product had this to say.

“We have to be thoughtful about the inventory, ad-load, and the ad experience. By doing this the right way, focused on creativity and doing it early, it allows us to be extraordinarily conservative. Something that I think often gets lost is that ad effectiveness can be inversely correlated with the number of ads that the viewer sees. If you see 50 ads in a day, the probability of you remembering them is low.”

With advertisements trying to thread themselves into the daily lives of everyone, Snapchat is trying to move in that direction without being intrusive. Nobody wants to watch their friends stories with 4 advertisements in the middle. We’re not watching a Football game, we’re watching a 10-second clip of our friend on her journey to Italy, or someone’s kid hitting a home run in little league. We’re trying to cherish the moments of our friend’s lives without being intruded on, and Snapchat knows that.